Tap into the growing crypto market to fund your lending platform.
Florence Finance allows you to unlock the vast liquidity of crypto markets to diversify your lending platforms' funding.
How Borrowing Works
Introduce your business model and get access to our loan vaults.
Introduce your business
In order to protect our lenders and make sure the protocol suits your needs we need to perform due dilligence on your business.
Join or create a loan vault
Depending on our evaluation you will be able to either join an existing loan vault or get an individual one.
Once the onboarding is complete you can flexibly raise capital from our lenders through our protocol.
What is Florence Finance?

Florence Finance is an RWA protocol focused on connecting the real-world with DeFi. By lending to SMEs (small & medium sized enterprises) we are able to provide a safe and stable yield onchain to crypto users.

How risky is lending to real-world businesses?

Lending to SMEs through platforms like Florence Finance carries inherent risks, as with any investment. However, the risk is somewhat quantifiable; the average default rate for SMEs in Europe stands at approximately 2% per year. Should a default occur, it's notable that the average recovery rate of defaults is about 75%, which can provide some reassurance to lenders. This suggests that while the risk of default exists, the potential for partial recovery of funds is relatively high. Nonetheless, lenders should consider these statistics within the broader context of their investment portfolio and risk tolerance.